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Master Fic List

I don't really have that many fics but I made a master list mostly to get myself motivated to write more.All fics are public so you don't have to add me to read them but if you do want to add me then go ahead^^ (but also send me a pm or something. Having friends without talking to them is kinda sad =( ).


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Idk if anyone will read this and idk if anyone actually comes on my lj but I have exams coming up so I'm gonna go on a semi-hiatus and actually try to pass my classes this time around. Will probably come back after the new year but I'm gonna be on twitter, tumblr and KKT but I'm not gonna post anything for a month or two. Happy holidays ♥

Haha lol I'm too swamped with work to write so going on a full hiatus until summer.
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chen red

The Royal Family part 1

The Royal Family
pairings: jongdaeyixing, chanyeolbaekhyun, kyungsoojongin, suhokris, luhanxiumin, taosehun (but only a little bit)
words: 8,871
rating & genre: PG, cracky, humour, fluff but it got a little serious.
summary: Baekhyun's having his coming of age ceremony.
a/n: They're called princess and prince but they're all still guys :3 This fic is entirely for zhonqda who ships a buttload of pairings and got me to write kaisoo.

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chen red

The Royal Family part 2

The Royal Family part 2

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family tree:
King - Kris, Queen - Joonmyun, Oldest princess - Yixing, Oldest prince (adopted) - Chanyeol, princess Baekhyun, princess Kyungsoo, prince Sehun
Uncle Luhan, Bodyguard - Minseok
Castle Guards - Tao, Jongin
Advisor - Jongdae

This turned out so much longer than I thought it would. It almost makes me want to write a proper xingdae midieval au but all of them would be in different roles lol
flower crown

from xx

for: yuilhan
Prompt: lay attempting various tactics to comfort/cheer up an unhappy chen ? ;U;

a/n: yeah this isn't exactly what your prompt was (I don't think anyway) =/ I know but I couldn't stop writing it. It started out so serious too, before Wednesday that is…srry @__@;;; And there is more Baekhyun in this. nvm I regret nothing then (◡‿◡✿)

I only revised this once so pls forgive any mistakes.
words: 5,402
genre & rating: this is pretty fluffy and pg.

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1.    Kingka – it's like the most popular boy in school (the male ver. of queenka)

Adorable fanart of chenlay that Moni drew. This is so cute! Thanks (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ
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angst and catboys

for: xiaoqingxin
prompt: angst...
a/n: there really was no prompt and this was before I started the req thing but I still like to include this cause it's in the comments somewhere...

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for: jeppsie
prompt: Can i request a fic where Jingdae feigns that he is a hybrid cat? XD He and his cat Chen make a really smart team and succesfully deceive people but one day they choose Yixing as a target? :D

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will edit later.
they didn't choose it

pasko40056a: army, trolling kris, dancing

for: pasko40056a

prompt: i really really really want a AU army... ;;
a/n: still working on it >.>;;

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prompt: When Chen tries to be loveydovey with his BoyFriend Xing just to troll his Bf homopobic-facial expression friend - Kris.
(GOD KRIS GOD: http://25.media.tumblr.com/ce22a4bada43962ccfac54abbf3dd524/tumblr_monqq3BEpd1r6dd49o1_500.jpg

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prompt: And a smut request from my lazy friend~ Chen is failing in his dance class, and yixing is more then happy to help him.
And that leads to a sweaty sex in the practice room full of mirrors

[umm...]I'm like a quarter of the way done...